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Saturday, November 19, 2005

What an awesome last weekend i had. Loved it. On Saturday I went to see The Subways (who to be honest I don't particularly like), yet thanks to my sister I was on the guestlist, and therefore also got to go to the aftershow party where i met some v. cool people including the bands who had been playing (The Subways, The Kooks and The Departure). Then on Monday (i'm counting it as part of the weekend, as it maks things easier), I went to see Forward Russia at the Barfly, who were absoultely incredible, resulting in a stage invasion at the end, cutting short their final song: Eleven, and me falling on the drumkit (it was impossible to stop myself from falling). I got to meet the band, who were all very nice people, and got away with the suffrajets drummers drumstick, YAY, get me.
Yes, if you've read this, you've just wasted your time, I can't write properly atm., as I'm hungry, so i'm off to get some food.


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